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Briggs Golf Construction is renowned in the golf course construction industry and has built scores of courses over nearly four decades.  Years of hands-on experience enables us to advise you on process, scope and objectives, guide you through planning and initial decision-making, save time and resources and avoid costly oversights. Whether you are an architect, owner or superintendent, establishing a strong, collaborative relationship early in the project will always yield better results. Quality work, with attention to every detail is our purpose.

Hurricanes and competitive use contribute to the on-going need for repair and renovation.  From a single hole  to major renovations, we work fast and professionally producing a quality outcome to  keep your course profitable.

With quality in mind, we utilize in-house specialty equipment for protection of the turf and environment while producing excellent long-term results.  Our equipment operators have the knowledge, experience and expertise to minimize environmental impacts while stripping grass for renovation, repair or new construction.

Golf Course Construction

The Briggs Golf Construction Team is available to our clients throughout ALL phases of the project including prior to actual construction. We work closely with quality designers and architects for drafting management details including early planning, irrigation and drainage, long-term efficiency of use, and execution of the construction phases. Invite us in at the planning stage of your next project and see how our consulting expertise can help you obtain the best results. Our clients have found that the sooner we get involved in a construction project, the more value we can bring to your project.

Renovation and Restoration

Our renovation work is second to none, but our technical knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment is what enables us to build, beautiful, and challenging courses in any terrain. We use Koro machines for stripping of the obsolete soil and sod, which provides fast, precise depths of cut. Our equipment operators have the experience and expertise to minimize damage to ONLY the areas specified in the scope of work. 

Grass Installation

When fairways, greens and tees are constructed properly, they can provide excellent results for many years with proper maintenance. We know exactly how to sod or sprig your tees, greens and bunkers to prevent erosion as well as the optimal mix of sands, soils and peat moss to accelerate the grow-in process and achieve the look you’re after. Our installation crews have experience with many different types of golf course grasses.


Our many years of experience with earthmoving and the shaping of golf course features will bring your design vision to life! We use smaller excavators to artfully shape new bunkers, allowing for more precise hand finishing of the unique elements of the design. Every green, tee, and bunker is built to USGA standards but these features can also be modified by our expert team to meet your special requirements.

View a list of our golf projects here